Bounty Program : Which Tool Should Be Built First?

At the moment there is a bounty on finding critical bugs in the BSV Node software. The Bitcoin Association are going to put up more bounties but we’d like to hear from the ecosystem which tools or resources are most sought after.

Do we need example applications with integrations demonstrated with major wallets and NFT platforms?

Do we need a video series explaining how to move from fat listener wallets to Lite Clients?

Share your thoughts, we’d love to hear what you’d put a bounty against.

following essential projects I’d propose:

  • utxo tracing tools (including smart contract tracing)
  • bsv libraries (of all languages) need to stay maintained and get optimized
  • handout material (why bsv etc.) needs to be supported to better communicate in business deals why BSV is a good choice

Example code and use cases would be very helpful.