Getting Started Guide

Welcome to the Bitcoin SV Tech Community Forum!

This forum enables online/offline coordination of Bitcoin SV development and provides a space for researchers, developers and entrepreneurs to discuss topics without undesired “noise” taking place on platforms such as Twitter.

For trading speculation discussions and more please visit Bitcoin Association’s Discord server;

Bitcoin SV Discord Server

Please find below a simple guide on how Bitcoin SV tech community forum works that may help you when participating.

Step 1: Sign up and Log in

Step 2: Learn how forum is organized

Conversations are organized in the following manner;

Category → Sub-category → Tag → Topic → Post


Category: A broad subject matter

Sub-category: A more specific section of the primary category

Topic: A name for a discussion topic within a (sub)category

Post: An entry under a topic or conversation

Tag: A tool to further specify subject matter

When creating a new topic, please make sure to post it in its most relevant (sub)category. Users interested in the topic can then easily find it and you’ll save moderators from resorting.

How to find a topic?

To find a topic or post, you can navigate through relevant categories/subcategories. Example below shows how to find sub-categories once in you navigate to a main category (e.g. Technical Discussion)

Alternatively you can use the magnifying glass icon next to the “Sign Up”/“Log In” buttons at the top right of the page to search your desired post/topic. Lastly, you can find users, the latest and top discussions and more by opening a menu through the “hamburger” button. Alternatively, you hac

How to reply to a topic?

Users have two possibilities for interaction with topics/posts.

  1. Reply directly to someone’s post by using the the reply button under their post - highlighted by the green frame in the example below.


  1. Create an individual post within the topic by using the reply button - highlighted in the yellow frame in the example below.

How to create a topic?

To create a new topic, please navigate to its most relevant (sub)category (for example, Technical Discussion → Protocol) and click the “plus” button highlighted in the red frame in the example below.

  • Please keep the topic titles specific and concise.
  • Provide as much detail as you can in the body of your topic.
  • Feel free to format your code using </> icon in the toolbar.
  • Reference additional sources
  • Follow Community Guidelines

How to stay notified?

Finally, to stay notified on developments in your favorite topics and posts, feel free to choose a setting of your linking under that topic/post.

Step 3: Join the conversation!

That’s it! We are looking forward to your thoughts and ideas on building on Bitcoin SV and bringing it to the world! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out in the Beginners & Help section, or talk to us in Bitcoin Association’s Bitcoin SV Discord group.