I will be attempting to run a full node (referred to as a mining node?) for BSV. I am seeking assistance in doing so

Hi, I’m Chris. I would like to help secure the network by running a node, using the absolute minimum hash power to do so effectively. Some background: I have GPU mined crypto, built gaming PCs and never coded or even installed Linux. My day to day trade is service & installation of automatic pedestrian doors (think supermarket, airport entrances). My goal is to be able to set up a Gaming motherboard and required CPU, RAM etc and either some GPUs or a small ASIC. The intended goal is to have a machine that secures and keeps the network decentralized, and therefore have a template for other people to do the same. I’ll start by listing what I have / know so far:

  1. Minimum CPU requirements: i9 10900k - will arrive soon
  2. RAM requirements: 64 GB - I have a 128 GB kit on the way
  3. Motherboard : I’ll be using an MSI z490 Ace, which will be capable of supplying the needed power for overclocking and running 1 & 2.
  4. 1200 watt PSU to start, dependent on number of GPUs
  5. GPUs - 2 RTX 3080’s if possible. Hoping some Nvidia dev tools would make it feasible to have these assist in node operation.
  6. Linux Ubuntu - not sure which version is ideal
  7. BSV (proprietary?) software - to be used as agreed

Bottom line is I’m willing to help, but out of my element on if I can. I can afford to run the computer I’ll be making (1 kWH 24/7), but if I need an asic that pulls 30 kilowatt-hours I will not be able to help the network. Please think about this idea before shutting it down, as many nodes operated by individuals would be much better for the network than large enterprises alone. Thanks in advance!